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In the case that you do not lose weight within 30 days, you will get a refund of the purchase price, as stipulated in our Return Policy. However, the Terms and Conditions you agreed to at the point of purchase are still applicable. 

Thousands of our customers worldwide have achieved the desired results while meeting their weight-loss goals. We have created the measures in steps 1 to 4 of our money-back guarantee system to get rid of fraud. However, we appreciate your understanding and interest in Phen375 Canada.  

Note that this product is a dietary supplement, all the claims above are subject to the evaluations of the food and drug administration. Also, this product does not set out to diagnosis, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


We do not accept the return of any order that has been made successfully. The only condition for a return is the authorization of such by the support and logistics department.  

Our shipping process is fully automated, with the view to achieving a fast shipping of products and a quick delivery of all orders. If you ever request to have an order cancelled, we will do our very best to process such request before the order in question is shipped.  

However, if the affected order has already been shipped, it means such cancellation request will not be processed.

Returned products will only be accepted if it is backed by a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) issued by our qualified support staff. Any purchased product that has arrived for over 48 hours cannot be returned.

After getting an RMA from the right quarters, you are expected to proceed as follows:

  • Our support representative will provide you with an address; return the package to this address.  
  • In addition to adding a tracking number, all returned packages must be processed through Priority Mail.
  • The insurance of a returned package for its purchase price is highly recommended.

When you insure your package, you are in turn reducing the liability that may arise during the transport of such packages. The insurance is a good cover against damages to the box or any unforeseen circumstance in the course of transit.

Here are further crucial recommendations that must be followed when receiving or returning a package:

  • 1) Irrespective of your plans for the delivered items, do an immediate and thorough inspection of all deliveries and certify that they are in good shape before signing the receipt.  
  • 2) Contact our customer support team immediately to report any noticeable external damage to the product on arrival. Ensure that you attach a picture of the product.
  • 3) If after inspection, you notice that the product doesn’t appear fit for consumption, contact our customer support team immediately. Ensure that you attach a picture of the product. 
  • 4)All returned products must come with a Return Merchandise Authorization from our Support Team, or they will not be accepted. Likewise, returned packages without an RMA, and which are damaged, altered, with broken seals and labels, and are considered non-resalable or unfit for consumption will not be accepted.  

Note that for returned products, the shipping, handling, postal, and inspection charges are non-refundable. 

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