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Testimonial Disclaimer:

It is important to note that testimonials presented at Phen375 Canada are not representatives of practical results. While each testimonial on this product is valid and from real people, it may not replicate the experience of the typical user. The experiences, exercising and dieting routines of every individual is different, likewise the way they apply the information. Thus, these testimonials are not in any way guaranteeing or assuring potential users of the exact or close results. However, these results can be considered as a reference to what the motivated and determined previous and current users of Phen375 have achieved. Every user that shared their success story with Phen375 got a free product.  

As a user of the Phen375, you can expect to shed about 5 to 10 pounds monthly, on the average, by following the low-calorie diets and low to moderate exercises. It is advisable that you avoid the program if you have a physical condition that makes you unfit for serious exercises. Also, you will be required to adhere to an eating plan, which may limit the number of calories to be consumed. Thus, it is essential that you ensure that you have no physical or psychological issues that can be complicated by fat-loss before proceeding on this program. 

To ascertain all these, kindly consult a physician before starting any exercise or diet program. Your physician will tell you if Phen375 ingredients will interact negatively with your existing health condition (if any).

Phen375 is not just a pill – it does much more when combined with exercise and diet!

It makes you: consume more water; increase your metabolism rate; increase your physical activity; and burn more calories which ultimately translates to weight loss. 

Legal Disclaimer:

We have undertaken great care in preparation of this website, however it needs to be noted that all the information provided has been provided to us through various mediums, including: word of mouth, news outlets, websites, wikipedia snippets and via surveys

None of these statements have at all been evaluated or checked by the Food and Drug Administration. Every piece of information provided here on this site is solely for informational purposes and should not be viewed as a replacement for professional or medical advice. Information provided on our site at should never be considered to be any form of medical diagnosis or to be intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases. If you endure or suspect to carry any sort of medical condition then you are encouraged to consult the expertise of your health care provider.

All ingredients, instructions and directions on any product you intend to use should be followed exactly as advised on the label as provided by the manufacturer and should only be used after getting full approval from your physician.

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