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As the obesity rate in Canada continues to soar so has the need for a safe and effective weight loss solution, with it's unique combination of fat-burning ingredients and metabolic  boosting properties Phen375 is just that solution. 

With over 225,000+ happy customers Phen375 has quickly become one of the top selling dietary supplements in the Canadian marketplace.

Phen375 has been scientifically engineered to bring you the maximum results in the shortest amount of time without the dangerous side-affects associated with prescription diet pills.
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Everybody's weight loss goals are different some want to lose just a few pounds while others may need to lose 50, 60, 70 Lbs or more, whatever the case may be it is never an easy task, until now, with Phen375 losing fat and shedding pounds has never been easier.

Imagine what it would be like to lose up to 1 pound per day and how quickly you would begin to see results, before you know it people will be complimenting you on your new sexier, slimmer body. Losing that extra weight not only makes you look better but you will also feel so much better with an increase in energy levels and a whole new outlook on life.

Phen375 is an advanced formula designed to maximize your body's natural fat-burning process while suppressing hunger, resulting in rapid weight loss safely & naturally!

Weight gain is the result of taking in more calories in a day than your body is able to burn. Phen375 has been specifically engineered to boost your body's metabolic rate thereby increasing it's fat burning ability which ultimately results in a significant decrease in weight.

Physicians and dietary experts all agree that the most effective way to shed pounds is to increase your metabolism by way of exercise, however with Phen375's ability to naturally increase your body's metabolic rate you will be burning fat 24/7 even while you sleep.

Let Phen375 help you on your journey to lose weight!

Now imagine the phenominal results you will achieve when you combine Phen375 with a healthy diet and exercise regime, losing weight has never been easier for Canadians than it is now! 

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Phen375 Canada™ Testimonials and Before & After Photos from Satisfied Customers Across Canada

Joanne from Ontario

"I weighed 154 lbs when I started and I now weigh 121 lbs, that's 33lbs of pregnancy weight gone for good! From a size 10 to a size 6, I'm now in the best shape of my life."
Mike from British Columbia

"I lost 89 lbs... I started out at 287 lbs and my goal was to get my weight under 200 lbs. I hit my mark in only four months and now weigh 198 lbs, I've also been able to kept it off."
Kasandra from Nova Scotia

I lost the weight I wanted just in time for my wedding. I was hoping to lose 30 lbs in only 8 weeks. I lost 37 lbs and fit into my wedding dress with room to spare thanks to Phen375."
Before and after
Jennifer from New Brunswick

"So far I'm down 38 pounds and I feel better than I have in years, my energy level is up and I no longer have hunger pangs, I'll send more photos at the end of my journey."
Mike from Prince Edward Island

"January 1st I weighed in at 131.8 Kilograms and 4 months later I weigh in at 98.4 Kilograms. I have had no negative side affects and I love that 
I can still eat up to 6 meals a day." 
Kim from Manitoba

"I am so glad I found Phen375, my New Years resolution was to lose 
20 lbs, it's only February 1st and I'm already down 15 lbs. By far the best diet supplement I've ever used."
Luke from Newfoundland

"I've always been very skeptical when it comes to diet pills but Phen375 really does work, so far I've lost 25 pounds and have a huge amount of energy to boot."
Heather from Yukon

"Hello, I am down 39lbs since I began taking Phen375 and my husband is down 32lbs. Our appetite is much less when taking Phen375. It's just too easy. Heather
Before and after
Jean-Marc from Quebec

"This is Jean-Marc, sorry for my poor English, I come down nearly 50lbs in about five month so I can say that phen 375 definitely worked very good for me. Merci"
Lynda from Alberta 

"I have been using Phen375 for six week now and have manged to lose 22 lbs, I feel fantastic... I highly recommend Phen to anyone who is struggling to lose weight."
Kalil from Northwest Territories 

"Phen375 is my new go-to diet pill, within only two months I have experienced a drop in weight of 34lbs, I can honestly say that this stuff works wonders... Thanks!"
Elie from Saskatchewan

"I started my diet at 147 kgs and just twelve weeks later I'm now down to 103 kgs. That's a whopping 44 kgs in a very short period of time, I highly recommend Phen375 diet pills."
Before and after
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Most people find dieting a bit difficult, and this is primarily because such individuals do not have control over their appetite, and cannot keep their metabolic rate at the peak. Long-term weight loss cannot be achieved without appetite control. When you miss meals, your body system may be compelled to go into the starvation mode, thereby reducing the rate of metabolism to preserve itself. And when this happens, you burn less fat. With all these in consideration, Phen375 diet plans have been created to help you control your appetite and make the process smoother. 

You experience weight loss when your body demands calories which are absent in the system. The absence means the body needs to break down fat and convert it into energy. Then again, toxins are known to be stored in fat, and during the breakdown of the fats, these toxins may find their ways into the body system. Good news? You can get rid of these toxins by taking a healthy amount of water.

More About Phen375

The original intentions of the manufacturers of Phen375 were to combine a host of high-quality ingredients to create a reliable dietary supplement formula, which will lead its users to a healthier lifestyle.

Having been produced in an FDA compliant facility, Phen375 was manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The facility where Phen375 is made holds a current cGMP/NSF certificate and is also registered with the FDA. This means it has passed all required FDA tests, including microbial and heavy metal testing, and which makes all products from such facilities safe for use, including the Phen375.

How does Phen375 work?

With Phen375, you can:

  • Achieve a probable increase in the rate of metabolism
  • Access to good diet plans
  • Learn how increased water intake clear toxins
  • Learn how increased exercise increases your muscle tissue
  • Access videos of various home exercise options

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Phen375 Ingredients - What's inside?

Phen375 is a dietary supplement that helps in suppressing hunger and reducing weight. The constituents include:

  • L-Carnitine – capable of providing your body with energy by aiding the release of body fat into the bloodstream.
  • Caffeine Powder Anhydrous – capable of suppressing the urges to eat, and subsequently prevents you from craving food.
  • Citrus Aurantium – capable of increasing the rate of metabolism and breakdown of fats in the body.  
  • Cayenne Pepper – capable of elevating your body temperature to facilitate the breakdown and usage of more calories.
  • Dendrobium Nobile Extract – orchids are the source of this ingredient, and it aids digestion. 

Phen375 ingredients
Phen375 diet supplement is a scientifically researched, advanced weight-loss formula that effectively increases your metabolic rate while boosting energy levels and suppressing your cravings for food, enabling you to lose as much as 2-5 pounds per week - Guaranteed or Your Money Back!